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 Digital Portfolio of Drew Brouillette 


 I’m a character illustrator and animator working freelance in Canada Ontario. Since obtaining my Advanced Graphic Design Diploma in April 2016, I have been continuing to enjoy my passion as an independent artist. I have worked on many personal projects as well as many professional freelance works. My objective is to deliver a well executed project built to perfection while taking time and budget into consideration. I work best doing digital paintings and animation, and I strive to explore every day in developing new was to improve my skill set further.


  • Illustration
    The whole reason I got into art in the first place! I love to draw just about anything! Need something to be illustrated? Check out my commissions page below! 
  • Graphic Design
    Creating logos and business cards, and even developing brands from scratch is what I went to school for! Need to create a better presence for your company? I’ve got it covered.
  • Multimedia
    From animating advertisements and logos, to bringing life to characters, I do it all! Bringing motion to art creates a whole new experience to enjoy.
  • Game Design
    I love video games, and even more so I love creating them! I specialize with 2D environments creating excellent pixel and vector art.

Commission Info

Detailed Sketch

$20 CDN Base Price
No colour

Detailed Line Art

  • Head/ Bust: $30 CDN
  • Torso: $45 CDN
  • Full Body: $60 CDN
  • +Flat colour: $10 CDN *Extra*

Cell Shading

  • Head/ Bust: $50 CDN
  • Torso: $65 CDN
  • Full Body: $80 CDN

Simple Painting

  • Head/ Bust: $50 CDN
  • Torso: $65 CDN
  • Full Body: $80 CDN

Detailed Painting

  • Head/ Bust: $80 CDN
  • Torso: $100 CDN
  • Full Body: $120 CDN


*Animations may vary depending on complexity. For more information on animating something you will need to contact me directly via email regarding so.*

Additional Info and Pricing

*Once payment is made and I have received a confirmation email from paypal your commission can begin. Once started I will begin an initial sketch for the artwork. One minor revision is included in the sketch phase if needed, however additional revisions later in the process will need to be negotiated.*


Every additional character added in the drawing is half the base price per character. Any pets or simple characters are roughly $10 - $40 depending on complexity and style. Additionally simple props are included. However if the prop is complex such as a big sword with intricate designs I may charge roughly $10 - $40 *Extra*.


Solid colour or abstract backgrounds are included. If no background is mentioned I will choose a solid colour (mainly white) for default. Additional background detail is $10+ *Extra* Depending on complexity. 


  • Payment is to be delivered upfront
  • All prices are non-negotiable.
  • All prices are in *Canadian Currency*. If you intend on paying in *USD* instead please let me know ahead of time.


You can contact me directly here, or you can email me at drewsdesignlab@gmail.com. Message should be filled out as follows:

Name: Your name
Character(s): Names or descriptions of characters. 
Style: Choose a style from the commission page and any additions included. i.e. *Cell Shading, Torso, *
Description: Describe your art piece. Write as many details you can about the artwork you want.